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Bericht  Mayyyyy op di mei 01, 2012 8:57 am

Dit is Niet Mijn Topic.
Ik wou deze Delen.
Omdat Ik het zelf een Goeie Vind Wink.

Voor zover we weten, zijn er geen exploits in gevonden, maar er kunnen er natuurlijk nog steeds zijn, zoals elke CMS.

Voer deze queries uit:

`title` varchar(60) NOT NULL,
`time` int(40) NOT NULL,
`mainstory` varchar(5000) NOT NULL,
`story` varchar(100) NOT NULL,
`image` varchar(150) NOT NULL,
`author` varchar(16) NOT NULL,
`language` varchar(5) NOT NULL DEFAULT 'en',
KEY `id` (`id`),
KEY `author` (`author`),
KEY `time` (`time`),
KEY `title` (`title`),
KEY `language` (`language`)

-- Dumping data for table `news`

INSERT INTO `news` (`id`, `title`, `time`, `mainstory`, `story`, `image`, `author`, `language`) VALUES
(1, 'Welcome to H4BBO!', 1286015169, '<h2>Welcome to the new, bigger and awesomer H4BBO!</h2><br><b>What we can except?</b><br>- More users in many languages<br>- Faster (Not anymore that hard lags)<br>- Many competitions & events<br>- New furniture collections<br>- Fast updates<br>- More support (Many more moderators will be there soon!)<br><br>Please note that your Sulkea users have been automatically merged to this retro up on your first login here. Please use now <u></u> to access H4BBO, the previous domain will no longer work in future!<br><br><center><img src=''''></center><br><br><b>Why many staffs have been disapeared from staff list?</b><br>They haven''t accessed H4BBO yet, after their first login they''re automatically merged to the Hotel and will be listed up on the Staff List again.', 'Grand opening: H4BBO', '', 'Privilege', 'en'),
(2, 'Room of the month is back!', 1286101569, '<h2>Current theme: Halloween</h2><br>Room of the month is finally back!<br><br><b>How to participate?</b><br>Create a Halloween themed guestroom until 31.10. and tag it with <u>voodoo</u>. You can only have one room with this tag, if you have got more rooms with this tag you will be disqualified.<br><br><b>What can I win?</b><br>The prize is a nice rare set, a halloween releated badge and the best room will be visible for 2 weeks on the Staff recommented tab while users browse on navigator.<br><br><b>Tip:</b> Please wait a few weeks until you start! :-)<br><br><br><center><img src=''''></center><br><br><br><br><center><h2>Only one can win: Good luck!</h2></center>', 'Room of the month is introduced again with the theme: Halloween', '', 'Privilege', 'en'),
(3, 'Hobbas have been replaced!', 1286101590, '<h2>The Hobba-System no longer exist!</h2><br>Some of the activest Hobbas have been forwarded as a Moderator!<br><br><b>Congratulations:</b> 3DiN, Gaetan, iHelp, MarcoPixel and YouTube<br><br><center><img src=''''></center><br><br><br><i>All previous Hobbas have received an EX. Hobba Badge for their loyal service.</i>', 'What will happen to them?', '', 'Privilege', 'en'),
(4, 'How to be safe on H4BBO?', 1286102000, '<img style=''float:right;'' src=''''><h2>How to be safe on H4BBO?</h2><br><br>There are no Hackers who can hack into your accounts! Peoples who will loose their furnitures did something wrong, for example shared their password to another member.<br><br><b>Am I safe?</b><br>If you don''t share your password to another user you''ll stay safe. You also should not visit external websites by other members and never download something all over the web.<br><br><b>Will I get my furnitures back after a phish attempt?</b><br>No, faults are done by you will not restored. We only charge back stuff if it was our faults, for example database mistakes.<br><br><b>Should I tell staffs/moderators & co. my password?</b><br>No never do this! Also never login on an external website! Administrators & Moderators don''t use an external Housekeeping to login, they only login on as you do :-)<br><br><b>Do phishers get banned?</b><br>Yes of course! Advertising to another website also gets you banned for a longer time!<br><br><b>Don''t lend your stuff to others!</b><br>You''ll not receive your stuff back from us if the other user phished you through this way!<br><br><br><center><img src=''''><br><br><h2>Stay safe!</h2></center>', 'A few rules to be safe.', '', 'Privilege', 'en'),
(5, 'Become a moderator!', 1286302645, '<h2>Want to become a moderator?</h2><br>We search alot of new moderators who can moderatore our local hotels (en, de, es & co.).<br><br><b>What you need to do?</b><br><a href=''javascript:alert("Applications all have been checked. We do not allow more users applying!");''>Send us an application here!</a> - The applications finally will be closed soon, so write the application in the next few days.<br><br><b>How I know I am accepted?</b><br>You''ll receive a minimail about it, you''ve a few days to answer it! - So if you already applied, please check your minimail before you apply a second time!<br><br>The first Moderator updates are on friday.<br><br><br><b>PLEASE READ CORRECTLY ON THE APPLICATION, for example: <i>your application must be in a fluent english</i>:-)</b><br><br><h2>Good luck!</h2>', 'Send us an application and have the chance!', '', 'Privilege', 'en'),
(6, 'Something big is coming to Sulkea soon!', 1286303400, '<h2>Something big is coming to Sulkea!</h2><br><br><b>What is new?</b><br>- Website will be avaible for more browsers: Internet Explorer, Google Chrome for example!<br>- The whole website has been rewritten<br>- Simpler handling on the website<br>- Themes are changing on the frontpage<br>- Languages are avaible via special links, you no more have to set the language always again<br>- Many more changes!<br><br><b>We introduce this newcommer soon, keep your eyes open!</b><br><br><br><center><img src=''''></center><br><br>Please note that we currently still work on this new Version, it has not been finished yet!<br><br><br><center><h2>Please share your ideas here we should include, please type in english so our team can easier figure out your idea!</h2></center>', 'We''re updating to a new Version soon.', '', 'Privilege', 'en'),
(7, 'We search a web interface technician!', 1286304577, '<h2>We need a JS, CSS & HTML technician.</h2><br><b>You are good with two languages of them?</b><br>We offer the guy who wants to become a web interface technician a moderation rank (that user can easily become administrator later).<br><br><b>How to apply?</b><br>Send a minimail to Privilege with the informations what languages you are good with!<br><br><br><center><h2>Thanks!</h2></center>', 'You''re good at JS, CSS & HTML?', '', 'Privilege', 'en'),
(8, 'The new Moderators are here!', 1286305478, '<h2>Alot of new moderators are here!</h2><br>We always try to get the Hotel more moderated, so here are they - The new moderators:<br><br>MOD-Tic326, MOD-Voetballer, MOD-Sixcore, MOD-MisterX, MOD-Gaetan, MOD-David, MOD-Stent, MOD-Snayder, MOD-MarcoPixel, MOD-SHAKE, MOD-Warped and MOD-Liipee<br><br><br><center><h2>Congratulations to them!</h2> - The best applicants of 250 applications -</center>', 'Who are the new moderators?', '', 'Privilege', 'en'),
(9, 'A new version arrived!', 1286305790, '<img style=''float:right;'' src=''''><h2>A new version arrived on H4bbo!</h2>We finally updated to a new Version.<br><br><br><b>What has been renewed and improved?</b><br>- Drag the room with your mouse to another place to view who else is in room? (For big room layouts, as there will be soon or for small Screens!)<br><br>- Posters are here<br><br>- Tutorial for all new users (Change username & Co. in Client)<br><br>- All usernames are free now, all in-active users got now a # appened to their names<br><br>- And many more stuff!<br><br><br><center><h2>Like the improvements?</h2></center>', 'What has been updated?', '', 'Privilege', 'en');

ALTER table server_status ADD column site_name TEXT;

Credits: Razz

- Livar,
- Exeyous (inspiration),
- Jonteh (inspiration and tips as I wen't),
- Pure (thanks George2000),
- and Pr1v3l3g3.


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